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Bullying: the Power to Cope

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The use of this program

This program is designed for use with middle/upper primary and lower/middle secondary students. Its focus is on helping young people who are currently faced with bullying. It is designed as a prevention program so that when and if a young person is faced with bullying, he or she can call on the strategies taught in this program to ward off the potential harmful effects of bullying behaviour.

Who can lead the program?

The program is designed for teachers and mental health practitioners.

Students for whom the program is intended

The program can be taught to classroom-size groups of students. It can also be used with individual students who are currently being victimised by bullying. The age group seen as most suitable is 10 to 16 year olds.

How is the program delivered?

This program is designed to be flexible so that it can be delivered at times that suit timetables and schedules. Here are some options.

1.         Four sessions. Once a week sessions of 50-minutes held over a four week period.

2.         More than four sessions. As the activities contained in the different parts of this program take longer than one class period to present, you can decide to present more than four sessions depending on which activities you wish to include.

3.         One session. Students are shown the complete animated video program supplemented by activities drawn from the material in this booklet.

How the Animated Video interfaces with activities in this booklet

As will be seen in the lesson plans that follow, each of the four parts consists of the following four elements:

1.         Introductory comments by teacher

2.         Segment from video shown

3.         Discussion of video by students

4.         Activities that reinforce content of video

The program

The training program is organised into four parts that cover the following topics:

Part 1. Bullying and its impact

Part 2. Thinking makes it so

Part 3. Things to say and do

Part 4. Coping in action

Each of the four parts contains a number of discussion topics, activities and a list of materials needed for running the various activities

Included is a USB resource that contains:

Metal Man

Student handouts

  • Bullying and its impact
  • Be proud of your character strengths
  • Be proud of your multiple intelligeince
  • Self-talk for bullying
  • Action plan for bullying
  • Change over time

Teacher handout

  • Items for Catastrophe Scale activity

Role play script for Bullying: the Power to Cope

Animated video - Bullying: the Power to Cope

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