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Early Childhood Program - Complete Boxed Kit

$395.00 (incl GST)

Please note: Hand puppets are currently on back order. The Early Childhood Program - Complete Boxed Kit will be shipped to you within 5 days of your order and the remaining hand puppets will be shipped as soon as they are back in stock. Thank you for your patience.

Recent research conducted by the U.S. Department of Education (Early Childhood Longitudinal Study) as well as international researchers investigating young children’s social-emotional development has revealed the following:

  • social-emotional competence develops as children mature,
  • social-emotional capabilities of young children are intimately related to their achievement and social-emotional well-being outcomes, and
  • some children as young as four years of age show delays in their social-emotional development that has implications for their future adjustment and achievement.

Michael Bernard has just completed a research study with academically “at risk” five year olds and discovered delays in their confidence, persistence, organisation, getting along and emotional resilience. In an article appearing in the Reading & Writing Quarterly, Professor Bernard argues that it is time that we teach social-emotional competence as well as academic competence.

The YCDI Early Childhood Program provides a missing piece to the early childhood curriculum; namely, a structured learning program based on early childhood education pedagogy (e.g., Vygotsky) that is designed to accelerate the social-emotional development of all children (confidence, persistence, organisation, getting along, emotional resilience). It is especially designed to level the playing field for those children entering the pre-school and kindergarten years not only behind in their language and early reading competence, but also in their social-emotional competence.

Carry Handle Box includes:

  • Rubric for Evaluating the Social-Emotional Development of Young People
  • Education Early Childhood Curriculum (Teacher Guide)
    Introduction to the Program, Unit 1 -Confidence, Unit 2 -Persistence, Unit 3 -Organisation, Unit 4
  • Getting Along, Unit 5 -Emotional Resilience
  • Good Practices for Establishing a YCDI Early Childhood Learning Environment
  • The YCDI! Early Childhood Guide for Working with Parents
  • Soft, washable hand puppets featuring the five characters: Connie Confidence, Gabby Get Along, Pete Persistence, Oscar Organisation, Ricky Resilience including the five finger puppets
  • A CD of six You Can Do It! songs featuring all of the characters in the program
  • 18 durable coloured posters (28cm x 44cm) displaying different stages of acquiring the different skills outlined in the program.

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