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Early Childhood Program - Complete Boxed Kit

$395.00 (incl GST)

Recent research conducted by the U.S. Department of Education (Early Childhood Longitudinal Study) as well as international researchers investigating young children’s social-emotional development has revealed the following:

  • social-emotional competence develops as children mature,
  • social-emotional capabilities of young children are intimately related to their achievement and social-emotional well-being outcomes, and
  • some children as young as four years of age show delays in their social-emotional development that has implications for their future adjustment and achievement.

Michael Bernard has just completed a research study with academically “at risk” five year olds and discovered delays in their confidence, persistence, organisation, getting along and emotional resilience. In an article appearing in the Reading & Writing Quarterly, Professor Bernard argues that it is time that we teach social-emotional competence as well as academic competence.

The YCDI Early Childhood Program provides a missing piece to the early childhood curriculum; namely, a structured learning program based on early childhood education pedagogy (e.g., Vygotsky) that is designed to accelerate the social-emotional development of all children (confidence, persistence, organisation, getting along, emotional resilience). It is especially designed to level the playing field for those children entering the pre-school and kindergarten years not only behind in their language and early reading competence, but also in their social-emotional competence.

Carry Handle Box includes:

  • Rubric for Evaluating the Social-Emotional Development of Young People
  • Education Early Childhood Curriculum (Teacher Guide)
    Introduction to the Program, Unit 1 -Confidence, Unit 2 -Persistence, Unit 3 -Organisation, Unit 4
  • Getting Along, Unit 5 -Emotional Resilience
  • Good Practices for Establishing a YCDI Early Childhood Learning Environment
  • The YCDI! Early Childhood Guide for Working with Parents
  • Soft, washable hand puppets featuring the five characters: Connie Confidence, Gabby Get Along, Pete Persistence, Oscar Organisation, Ricky Resilience including the five finger puppets
  • A CD of six You Can Do It! songs featuring all of the characters in the program
  • 18 durable coloured posters (28cm x 44cm) displaying different stages of acquiring the different skills outlined in the program.
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