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HOWBADZZAT? Booklet and 2 posters - OUT OF STOCK

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A key aspect of the resilience of students (and adults) is the ability to keep the degree of badness of negative events in proportion.

Indeed, an essential teaching practice advocated in You Can Do It! Education for helping children and young people understand that when faced with pressurised, difficult and demanding events that can “trigger” negative emotions, the degree of emotion they experience largely results from the way in which they think about the event.

More specifically, when a person of any age categorises the hassles and demanding events they confront as being “awful and terrible” and “the worst things that could happen,” their emotions become very extreme (as measured by an Emotional Thermometer) and their ability to control their behaviour and bounce back to their work and relationships is very difficult.

The Howbadzzat? booklet (meaning “How bad is that?”) offers guidance for teachingchildren and young people how “not to make mountains out of molehills.” In using the poster as an objective measure of the badness of all events that could happen in the world and to students, students can literally see that more often than not “It’s not as bad as you think it is!”

Kit includes;

  • 16 page booklet explaining the "basics"
  • 2 metre tall 'Howbadzzat? Catastrophe Scale' poster
  • 2 metre tall 'Emotional Thermometer' poster

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