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Stress Management for Teachers and Principals

$295.00 (incl GST)

More than ever before, teachers and school principals are reporting feeling stressed and overwhelmed by their workloads.

Developed by Professor Michael Bernard, Stress management for teachers and principals offers targeted, specialist support to effectively manage the emotional and mental strain of teaching and leading.

Professor Bernard has worked as a psychologist in schools for many years as well as having taught teachers within the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne.  He has also worked with teachers who have retired because of workplace stress and assisted them to return to work.

What’s included in the program

The techniques and skills you learn will equip you to manage the stressors of daily work– help making your work life more enjoyable.

The program offers teachers and principals:

  • 11 booklets presenting a variety of stress management practices backed by latest research, with a specific focus on the resilient mindset, self-acceptance, mindfulness and relaxation, time management, classroom management and relationship skills
  • a self-assessment survey to help evaluate the extent of their work stress, likely causes and the attitudes and coping skills you need to manage
  • 10 reference cards to guide you through stress-relieving techniques that can help bring immediate relief 
  • an eight-part eLearning audio series covering skills that can reduce work stress
  • a list of supporting resources
  • a site licence that grants permission to reproduce all materials in this program. Your school may also download the eLearning audio series to its own server to make it easy for all staff access.

Booklet topics

  • The tsunami of stress
  • Self-assessment of teacher stress
  • The resilient mindset
  • The strength of self-acceptance
  • Mindfulness and relaxation
  • Lifestyle management
  • Time management
  • Classroom management and social-emotional learning
  • Relationships and how to get along with difficult people
  • Support - seek it out and give it!
  • High performance, low stress school principals

eLearning Series (USB)

  • Part 1. Taking charge: how to get what you want out of your job - and life
  • Part 2. The ABCs of self-management: dealing with difficult situations and people
  • Part 3. Self-acceptance and goal setting
  • Part 4. People skills: conflict resolution and communication at work
  • Part 5. Classroom management: from chaos to control
  • Part 6. Managing your time and overcoming procrastination
  • Part 7. Relaxation: keeping calm under pressure
  • Part 8. Lifestyle management: exercise, diet and recreation
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