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Further explore and support the You Can Do It! Education System

You Can Do It! Circle Time - Kit 1

$125.00 (incl GST)

YCDI! Circle Time can be used with students from 9 to 16 years of age.

52 Full colour A5 laminated cards consisting of:

9 Confidence cards, 8 Persistence cards, 7 Organisation cards, 9 Getting Along cards, 7 Resilience cards and 12 Negative Ways to Think cards.
60-page YCDI Circle Time Teacher Guide containing a review of how to conduct Circle Time activities as well as detailed lesson plan (five activities per lesson plus sample Teacher Questions) on the followng topics:

Lesson 1. The Keys to Being Successful and Happy
Lesson 2. Being Your Best in Tough Situations
Lesson 3. Positive Ways of Thinking to Start (and End) the Day
Leson 4. Negative Ways of Thinking that Block Your Success and Happiness
Lesson 5. Goal Setting

Purpose: To provide students with highly interactive activities that help communicate key social and emotional skills as well as positive and negative ways of thinking that influence how young people manage their emotions and behaviours.


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