Professor Michael Bernard has been spreading You Can Do It! Education across the globe.

In 2016, Professor Bernard visited and facilitated professional training to educators and psychologists from Romania, Greece, Peru and New York.


Over 200 teachers and psychologists from Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj and Bucharest were engaged in a full day training session on YCDI! Professor Anca Dobrean and her staff have translated and now published all six volumes of ‘Program Achieve’ primary and secondary, the YCDI! Early Childhood program (songs in Romanian) and the book, You Can Do It! Parents (Da, Poti!).  Further teacher training for credentialed teachers is being planned for 2017.



At the 2nd International Congress for Cognitive-Behavior Coaching, Athens, Michael Bernard presented a full-day workshop on YCDI!  At the Congress, he received an honorary award for his tremendous contributions and advancements to:

  • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
  • Rational Education and Well-being
  • Psychological Practice and Human Resources

YCDI! is currently being translated in Greek by Chrysoula Kostogiannis, (PhD) and Demetris Katsikis, Hellenic Institute for Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


Natalia Ferrero Delgado, Directora Psicotrec – Centro de Terapia Cognitiva y TREC and her staff are in the process of translating ‘Program Achieve’ into Spanish. Training workshops for psychologists and educators are planned for early 2017.

New York

Some of the theory and practice of You Can Do It! Education is not only based on social-emotional learning (see Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning), but also on the work of Albert Ellis and rational-emotive education.  Michael Bernard has authored and edited over 10 books on the work of Albert Ellis. Three new projects he is editing with colleagues to be published by Springer Press (New York) in 2017 are:

Coaching Reason, Emotion and Behaviour Change (with Oana David)

Book 1. REBT: Advances in Theory, Research and Practice; (with Windy Dryden)

Book 2. REBT: Best-Practice Applications (with Windy Dryden)