YCDI Trainers 

Experienced YCDI! trainers are located in all major states and are available to travel to schools in most regions.

YCDI! has a centralised booking process for all workshops, programs and presentations.

You can find out a bit more about our accredited YCDI! trainers below. 

VIC Trainers

Margaret Milne
Brian Bamford
Natasha Peart

QLD Trainers

Brendan Cupitt
Grace Herrera
Beverley Bartlett

WA Trainers

Tara Murphy (State Coordinator) 0438 952 564
Meg Roche

SA Trainers
Leah Koen (State Coordinator) 0401 362 410
Dr Rob Steventon

NSW Trainers

Roger Rieger (State Coordinator) 0411 386 107
Nina Sunday
Rachel Wright

Training Programs