The Resilient Educator

A YCDI! Education workshop for teachers and administrators that reduces stress and enhances job satisfaction.

The Resilient Educator

This highly acclaimed half-day workshop has been presented to more than 10,000 educators across Australia.

Designed to promote self-awareness and self-management in the face of tough work situations and people, The Resilient Educator helps you develop the positive attitudes and social and emotional skills to perform at your best.

Working as an educator, there are times when negative, adverse events at work (and at home) can lead you to experience a range of negative emotions such as anger, anxiety or feeling down. While these negative emotions are normal and understandable, when you become emotionally tense (especially when you are not aware of your emotional state), not only is your overall social-emotional wellbeing impaired, but your ability to think clearly, solve problems, and continue to perform at a high level of professional effectiveness is greatly reduced.

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YCDI! Education supports resilience and wellbeing in educators and students alike. Find out about other workshops that our YCDI! trainers can provide to the teachers, parents and students of your school.

The resilient educator