ASG’s education funds offer a simple and effective approach to prepare for the cost of education.

Our education funds give you the option of either versatile or disciplined approaches to saving, peace of mind that you are proactively planning for the future – no matter what stage of education.

We have funds dedicated to saving for your children’s education - offering you choice to suit your education goals, such as basic education costs, private schooling or post-secondary education.

If you’re serious about your own professional development, you can also proactively plan for the costs of further education that will help progress your career.

Pathway Education Fund

A versatile plan for any  stage of your child’s education.

  • Flexible contributions and withdrawals

  • Supports various study options

  • Suitable for children of any age


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The Education Fund

Helps pay for the basics during your child’s secondary schooling

  • Encourages post-secondary study

  • Structured savings plan

  • Suitable for children under 10


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Supplementary Education Program

Assists parents to focus on saving for a specific level of education.

  • Flexible contributions

  • Focus on the stage of schooling you want

  • Semi-structured plan


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Lifelong Education Fund

Helps save for professional and personal development.

  • Flexible contributions and withdrawals

  • Supports various study options

  • Supports full-time and part-time study


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